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Historical heritage

  • Abbaye d'Abondance

    Abbaye d'Abondance

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    Founded in the 12th century by canons and occupied by Cistercian monks from the 17th century, the Abbey of Abondance was abolished in 1761. It reveals the power of a gothic mountain architecture and conceals fabulous artistic treasures.

  • Château de Ripaille

    Château de Ripaille

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    Historic, cultural and winemaking centre in Haute-Savoie, the Castle de Ripaille is also one of the biggest and most remarkable natural sites on the banks of Lake Geneva.

  • Châteaux des Allinges

    Châteaux des Allinges


    Historical residence of St. Francis de Sales, the castles of Allinges are one of the emblematic sites of Chablais. The site offers an exceptional panorama on Lake
    Geneva, the Jura and the Prealps.

  • Cité médiévale d'Yvoire

    Cité médiévale d'Yvoire


    A former 14th-century stronghold and now a member of the association of France's Most Beautiful Villages, Yvoire bears its heritage with pride and elegance. Whatever the season, come and discover the treasures of this medieval town on the shores of Lake Geneva.

  • Domaine de Découverte de la Vallée d'Aulps

    Domaine de Découverte de la Vallée d'Aulps


    A renovated former monastic farm housing an interpretation centre with 650m² of exhibition space: displays on the monks’ daily life; links between the Abbaye d’Aulps and the Savoie; the unexpected story of its final destruction; and medicinal plants

  • Funiculaire de Thonon-les-Bains

    Funiculaire de Thonon-les-Bains


    Thonon’s 19th Century hillside railway, Constructed in 1888, ‘Le Funiculaire’ was moved by a counter-weighting system using 11 tons of water. Today, it still links the port to the town centre, but since 1990, it has been powered by electricity.

  • Le funiculaire

    Le funiculaire


    Inaugurated in 1907, its function was to transport the curists from the large hotels in upper Evian to the spring, the thermal refreshment bar and the thermal establishment (today's Palais Lumière).

  • Château Saint-Michel d'Avully

    Château Saint-Michel d'Avully

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    Situated in the Lake Geneva basin, in Chablais, between Thonon and Annemasse, the castle extends over a private domain of 15 hectares on the mountainside. Listed as a Historic Monument, it has been magnificently restored and has recovered all its medieval cachet.