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Réserve Naturelle du Delta de la Dranse


  • Réserve Naturelle du Delta de la Dranse
  • Réserve Naturelle du Delta de la Dranse
  • Réserve Naturelle du Delta de la Dranse
  • Réserve Naturelle du Delta de la Dranse


Located between Thonon and Publier, the natural reserve of the Dranse Delta is one of the last natural areas on the shores of Lake Geneva where many animal and plant species live. This area is classified as a SPA (Special Protection Area) for its ecological and environmental values.

The Asters association (conservatory of natural spaces of Haute Savoie) manages this natural reserve by ensuring its control, its surveillance and its valorization in the eyes of the population.

Itinerary: at the end of the avenue de Saint-Disdille, take the road on your right.
A landscaped parking area welcomes you a little further and a natural path leads you to the nature reserve.

You enter a more forested area: below, it is an alluvial forest composed mainly of poplars and willows. It is the kingdom of the small passerines: titmice, chicken, warblers...
Continue to the mouth of the Dranse and the edges of the lake. At random encounters, one can observe herons, goosander, common sandpiper, small gravelots... On the small beach behind the wetland, on the left, a tree is gnawed by the beaver, a nocturnal animal that frequents the site.

The heavily dug paths are the remains of the arms of the Dranse river that used to flow here. Go back to the parking lot by the path...

To discover alone all year long, or (better!), accompanied by a naturalist guide, in summer season (information at the Tourist Office of Thonon).


All year round.

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Avenue de Saint-Disdille
Delta de la Dranse

Phone: 04 50 81 49 79