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La légende du Moulin de la Serpe


  • La légende du Moulin de la Serpe
  • La légende du Moulin de la Serpe
  • La légende du Moulin de la Serpe


This walk starts on the shores of Lake Geneva, a crescent-shaped glacial lake that is fed by the River Dranse and the River Rhone, which flows through the lake from east to west. Covering an area of 582 km2 and descending to a maximum depth of 310 metres, Lake Geneva has the particularity of being divided in two by the Franco-Swiss border. The two largest cities on the lakeshore, Geneva and Lausanne, together with the towns of Vevey and Montreux, are on the Swiss side of the lake, whereas the spa resorts of Thonon-les-Bains and Évian-les-Bains attract large numbers of tourists to the French side.The path along the banks of the River Foron is lined by signs on which a Mediaeval miller tells the tale of the Moulin de la Serpe. Along the path, you will come across some of the places described in the legend, such as the Château de Coudrée and the Moulin de la Serpe. From the car park by the beach, follow signs to the Château de Coudrée, and then to the Moulin de la Serpe. Type of itinerary : circuit. Maps : IGN Top 25 n° 3428 ET Thonon Evian Le Léman.


From 15/04 to 11/11.

Subject to favorable weather.

Suitable for:

  • Walkers/hikers
  • Children
  • Level green –very easy

Free access.


  • Pets welcome


Port de Sciez
74140 SCIEZ

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